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If you would like a paving installation that will not sag or creep and is guaranteed to remain functional for 40 years with no repairs in between, then we have great news for you…

Here’s why 

Over the past 10 years, our team has installed paving for 373 clients all over Cape Town.

And each and every one of them is happy with our service.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

We have installed different types of paving and in different settings.

We have helped clients beautify their driveways with durable paving.

All without leaving their bank accounts screaming for mercy. 

In all cases, providing quality, efficiency and quick service.

Because look, when you install 373 pavings in different settings across the whole of Cape Town, you learn a lot.

About what exactly works and what doesn’t.

Not what theoretically works from some Youtube tutorial.

Or from some guru pretending to be an expert because he has been in the paving industry for a long time.


I am talking about the Concrete Manufacturers Association Paving Installation guideline.

Which is derived from the Standard Specification For Civil Engineering Construction Of Segmented Paving, SANS 1200MJ developed by SABS.

Look this specification represents best practices developed over a long time, evaluated in the lab and battle-tested in the fields by highly trained Specialist Civil Engineers. 

As such we don’t pass it off as broad guidelines or as mere suggestions.

It’s our bible for paving and we swear by it.

As you have travelled around you have probably seen a fair share of failed paving installations

You have seen:

  • paving ponding with water
  • paving that’s an eyesore with jagged paving lines and uneven cuts.
  • Paving that’s sagging
  • paving with the edge pavers falling apart


And you want none of that to ever happen to your paving.

Cause that will be a complete waste of your hard-earned money.

Why Paving Fails

How does bad installation happen?

It all boils down to 3 things.

  1. Poor quality materials
  2. Voodoo installation procedure
  3. No process control

It happens when people do not appreciate the fact that paving installation is a science. Not voodoo.

We are well vexed with proper civil engineering techniques and have developed some techniques to ensure your paving comes out right the first time. 

With an overbearing supervisor constantly checking every step of the way to make sure the work is done right … paving will come out Right.

And we only use SABS approved material.

Quality Materials

Sourced from SABS approved manufacturers.

What it means for you to have Bricks compliant with the SANS 1058 specification:

  • The colour of your bricks will not fade away rapidly. Bricks have colour pigment extended to a depth of at least 6mm from the surface.
  • The bricks will not easily wear out due to traffic. They will maintain their beautiful texture and colour for a long period of time because they are of a high abrasive strength
  • The Bricks are durable as they have sufficient strength to withstand impact and heavy loads.
  • You will have a nice and even surface that’s a beauty to look at because the bricks will be of uniform dimensions with small variations. 

Let’s talk about our construction procedure.

No voodoo techniques practised but strict adherence to the SABS standardised civil engineering construction of segmented paving.

When you install with us here is what you get:

  1. You avoid the one Dangerous paving Mistake you never want to be made on your paving. If the mistake is done, you essentially set up a time bomb that will blow off your paving in less than 3 months
  2. Our custom edge restraint installation technique effectively stops your paving from creeping. If you want your driveway to remain intact, you want the edges restraint installed using this technique.
  3. Our secret way of filling joints with sand that has every joint filled flash with sand locking tightly the bricks together. Bricks will never move away from each other.
  4. Our aggressive ground compaction technique will give your paving a firm base with no chance to ever sag.
  5. The little known trick we use every time to get near-perfect straight paving lines. (Most contractors have no idea about this trick)

As for your next paving project

As for your paving installation.

Do you want it done right the first time?

Can you imagine having nice paving that will remain even and intact for years and years?

Do you want paving you won’t have to worry about repairing soon?

Wouldn’t you want your paving not to sag or creep?

Paving with a 5-year warranty on workmanship? Most paving fail in the first year after installation.

If you want paving installed using SABS approved materials and SABS specified construction procedure, fill in the form below to request a free quote.

7 most dreaded paving problems you won’t get from us

An area of paving has sunk

Cause:  A lack of compaction is the biggest reason for an area to settle. This normally occurs where backfilled soil is not compacted as it is filled back in. 

Solution: This is fixed by pulling up the pavers, adding more gravel base making sure it is compacted in intervals as it’s added. Once the base is brought back up to the proper level and slope, the bedding sand and pavers can be reinstalled.

Border pavers look like they’re falling off

Cause: This happens when no edge restraint is installed to hold the pattern tight together.

Solution: In order to fix it, the pavers need to be pulled up, more base and sand need to be added underneath and an edge restraint needs to be installed.

Water ponding on the pavers

Cause:  There could be 2 things that happened here. If water is puddling, the base may not have been installed with proper gradient to drain off water and may have had a slight low spot. Or it could be the base was not compacted enough and it has settled over time.

Solution: The way to fix it is to pull up the area that has settled, add more base, compact it and reinstall the pavers.

Crooked paving lines

Cause: This is due to poor workmanship. 

Solution: Always hire professional people who care about small details.

Pavers are uneven & sitting at different heights

Cause: Most often when we find  pavers that are uneven, it’s because either the base is not deep enough or is not of an even thickness. 

Solution:  There is no easy way to solve this issue without starting over. That means taking up the entire project, removing the stone dust and using the processed gravel.

Pavers are uneven & tipping

Cause:  This is what happens when the pavers are not swept in with joint sand and compacted into the setting bed.

Solution: After the pavers are completely laid in the pattern of choice and the border is in place  concrete sand  is swept into all of the joints. 

Next a vibratory plate compactor should be run over the entire project. More sand is then usually required to top off the joints and the project is compacted again 2 or 3 times.

Cement stained

Cause: This happens when grouting is not correctly cleaned off the pavers. 

Solution: There’s no easy solution as the stains will be permanent

Types of paving

Block paving

Bond paving

Interlocking paving

Cobble paving

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Paving priced right without compromising quality.
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We know paving

The only thing you get from us is high quality paving work.

To back that up, you get a 5 year warranty on your installation. 

Residential paving


Ground preparation

We first excavate the ground and run 3 passes of compaction.

Next we fill with white sand and run 3 passes of compaction.


Weed growth prevention

After the ground is ready, we prevent weed growth with application of lime or spread plastic depending on client choose.


The paving

Finally we begin laying out the paving bricks, cutting them to size where necessary.

With all pavers in place, we run 3 passes of compaction.

And lastly, we grout the paving.

Industrial paving


Base preparation

In order to have a sturdy paving, we first excavate the ground

We then run 3 passes of compaction.

Fill with G5 and run 3 passes of compaction


Sub base

Next we add white sand, and run 3 passes of compaction


The pavement

After the sub base is ready, we begin laying out the paving bricks, cutting them to size where necessary.

With all pavers in place, we then grout the paving

And finally, we run 3 passes of compaction

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